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English Resume template - Impressive 3
English Resume template - Impressive 3
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  • Design: Traditional Professional
  • One-page Resume template with modern, high-end design, can be used for many industries
  • Language: English Resume
  • Sample content: English Resume sample content
  • Style: Impressive Resume Template 3
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A modern, high-quality, one-page Resume template that can be used for many industries. This Resume template will be suitable for you who like to make a stylish and content Resume encapsulated in 1 page. There are many color sets to choose from, suitable for each company.

Use this Resume template

Who is this English Resume template - Impressive 3?

  • Fresh graduates with no work experience.
  • Experienced people want to create highlights and show their strengths.
  • Candidates are using manual Resume design using Word.
  • All candidates are looking for professional and impressive Resume design templates.
Use this Resume template

What will you get if you create this English Resume template - Impressive 3

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  • There is a modern, high-end design one-page Resume template that can be used for many industries
  • The fastest access to top employers.
  • Recommended latest suitable jobs daily.
  • Conquer and create good sympathy for the employer at the first gate.
  • Confident, more comfortable with the next round of interviews.
Use this Resume template

Instructions for writing English Resume template - Impressive 3

While the structure of your Resume is flexible depending on your career or unique skill set and experience, there are specific sections that every employer wants to see on your Resume. Here are some general Resume formatting guidelines, shown in the order of how they usually appear on a Resume, and how to fill it out to create an impressive Resume:
1. Contact Information
At the top of each Resume, you'll need to fill in your name and contact information (which may include your current address, permanent address, phone number, home address, and email).
2. Professional or research goals
In this section, you need to state why you decided to submit your Resume such as future development orientation, professional development goals or research direction. Your goal can be as short as a sentence (if general) or as long as a paragraph. In general, you need to provide an overview of your professional direction by answering the question What are your short-term and long-term goals.
3. Education/Education
The education section of your Resume serves as a means of providing a more comprehensive picture of your qualifications, proving that you are a good fit for the position (If you haven't earned your diploma, you can still submit your resume.) university information). You need to fill in the name of the school, the time of admission/graduation (if graduated), other training programs you have attended, the name of the thesis, master's thesis or doctoral thesis, diplomas only included.
4. Trophies and awards
List the awards at school or at the old company such as faculty awards, scholarships, rankings, ...
5. Work Experience
Any work experience outside of a research or academic setting will also be included here. The trick to writing this section of your Resume is that you should only list jobs that are directly related to the position you're applying for, in order from newest to oldest.
In addition to the job title, you'll also need to include a timeline (most resume templates include this), the specific tasks you performed, and what you learned from the job. If you do not have work experience, you can focus on seminars, courses, projects you have participated in (even if only as a facilitator in school).
6. Hobbies
The interests section in the Resume was created to help the candidate express himself better, while the employer understands more about the candidate. In fact, this part is like a "trap". You should only write about hobbies that help develop professional qualifications or skills, of course activities like reading are still acceptable. In particular, you should not write about unrelated entertainment interests.
7. Skills
The skills section is usually made available in Resume templates, they include office computer skills, foreign languages,... Your job is to choose the corresponding levels that you feel accurately reflect yourself. .
8. Activity
If you have volunteer experience or make a significant contribution to the community, put them in this section.
9. Reference information
In the references section, mention your former manager as a trusted source (or university lecturer who led your studies). You need to fill in their name, location, place of work, phone number and contact email. Don't forget to ask for permission before listing their personal information in your Resume.
With the available Resume templates, Resume formatting is no longer a concern. In return, you must make sure to fill in the content correctly but logically, so that you can play to your strengths. Besides, you should also prepare yourself a cover letter stating why you are suitable for the job. Unlike a Resume, a cover letter is usually more concise. In addition, candidates who do not have much experience, refer to how to write a Resume for new graduates is essential for you to have an attractive Resume that is highly appreciated by employers.

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English Resume template - Impressive 3

The most impressive Resume template in 2024

4.586 Candidate used
2.087 Positive feedback
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