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addressAddressNags Head, NC
type Form of workFull-Time

Job description

Dare County Schools

Teacher Assistant

Reports to: Principal

DLI Teacher Assistant*

Reports to: Classroom Teacher

In the DLI Classroom, the teacher assistant relies on bilingual language skills to facilitate learning in the dual language and problem solving skills are key in supporting the classroom teacher and the students in the learning process. Strong organizational skills are continuously utilized throughout the day to assist the teachers and students. School protocol indicates that any questions or concerns are addressed with the supervising classroom teacher.

Responsibilities include:
  • Small group instruction as directed by Classroom Teacher
  • Delivery of lessons provided by Classroom Teacher
  • Student supervision at any time as directed by Classroom Teacher
  • Preparation of materials, copies, equipment as needed by Classroom Teacher
  • Participation in planning meetings as requested by Classroom Teacher
  • Attend TA PLCs as scheduled
  • Anticipate/adapt to situations as they arise in the classroom and school setting
  • Observe confidentiality of all student related information
  • Direct all communication involving students to Classroom Teacher

*This information is in addition to the DCS TA job description.
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Dare County Schools

Nags Head, NC
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